Don't go out in the forest
Come home

Stress and nature

a forgotten romance

We have all experienced it – Stress.
One solution to tackle your stress is to go out in nature.
Something even science backs up.
The problem is that we spend 90% of our time indoors!
Ideal for people who spend most of their time indoors – Works both at home, and in your office.

Our solution is a smart vertical growing platform that let you be immersed by nature indoors. Plants will be covering the walls for the best health effects and less space required. A direct benefit at your workplace will be happier workers, that become more productive, on reduced sick leave.

Reduced Stress

Increased Productivity

Feel happier


To democratize nature, and all its positive effects, we provide plant-sustaining platforms

and allow everyone to express themselves in life, by life.

Office Concept


Increase people’s quality of life by bringing nature indoors

The Amazing Team

Erik Wilson

CEO & Founder

Markus Salman

Lead Product Developer

Zacharias Holm

Lead Software Developer

Markus Karlström

Lead Robotics Engineer

Fanny Andersson

AI Investigator

Advisory Board

Peter Blomqvist. Mentor

Management and Product Development Consultant

Destined to create something amazing for the future of indoor environment we need to collect a diversified team that feel as passionated for the vision as you do. Would you like to take part? Send us an email , there is always something you can take part!

The Story

Borrow our glasses, and come see for yourself.

  • A Beginning

    Exposed to the Swedish Nature

    Erik was born in the countryside in Skåne, south part of Sweden and adopted an relation early on to nature. From helping out on his parents farm, to frequent hiking trips he realized there is much we learn nature. He made it a habbit to visit botanical garden on his travles and started to ask the question - Why cannot we live like this?

  • Netherlands 2015

    Light - Sustaining life

    From studying engineering nanoscience in Lund he came to Philips Research in 2015 as part of his master's. Involved in a project where bacteria were killed by UV-light, a question emerged - Why not sustain life with light? A stimulating work environment and watching the inspiering TED-talk by Caleb Harper, and the idea was born.

  • January 2017

    Lund - Knowing where to start

    Ther is only one place in the world where a company with the same vision would be founded. In Lund, Sweden, where the startup scene is booming! The closeness to Lund Univsersity and SLU Alnarp (Swedish University of Agriculture science), in combination with the open innovation climate where thoughts are opensly shared with passionated people. BYLIFE is founded and accepted into the incubator VentureLab.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

    August 2017

    Join us!

    Behind every success story, there is usually an interdiciplinary team. To succeed with an open call is raised for other enthuastic persons to be part of the core team!

Contact Us

Have any thoughts? - Just drop me an email!

We could discuss collaborations, exciting opportunities or just enjoy some fika

(A Swedish 20 minutes break, with coffee and a cinnamon roll)

+46 704 25 90 70


Ideon Agora
Scheelevägen 15
223 63 Lund


You'll never walk alone. The following are various institutions and collaborators that have helped us along the way in any way.


VentureLab is part of Lunds University and works towards encouraging entrepreneurship and to help those students and newly graduated who are thinking about starting their own business.


Stenkrossen in Lund is a workshop for projects in art, culture and innovation. It is driven by the arrangement committiee within the culture operations in Lunds municipality.